Replacing the 3 Motor Bearings in the Rainbow D4, D4C, and D4-SE Vacuum Cleaners: PAGE 8


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Next, install the Rainbow vacuum's plastic baffle plate using the four screws. YOU STILL NEED TO INSTALL THE SPIDER AND ITS RETAINING NUT BEFORE TESTING THE VACUUM.

Then install the Motor gasket and the Spider, being sure to first put in the aluminum plate that goes under the spider. You can just see part of this plate in this image, indicated by the red arrows. NOTE: You can install the nut that secures the spider (see image below), and test the vacuum before installing the metal flange and gluing on the rubber gasket. It would probably be best to test the motor's operation before gluing the gasket in permanently.

Next, use contact adhesive (not rubber cement) to install the rubber baffle gasket, applying contact adhesive to both surfaces, as per the instructions on the adhesive container.

Next, replace the brass nut that secures the spider, using the large screwdriver and a wrench.

Finally, reinstall the Separator basket using the brass cap nut. Make sure everything spins without any parts touching together and rubbing. You are all done replacing the motor bearings on your Rainbow D4 vacuum.

When you use your Rexair Rainbow vacuum it should sound smooth, without any unusual noises.

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