Replacing the 3 Motor Bearings in the Rainbow D4, D4C, and D4-SE Vacuum Cleaners: PAGE 4


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Removing the clips will allow you to take the lower half of the Motor Housing off of the motor shaft. Removing it will allow you to access the Lower Motor Bearing (Red Arrow) from behind, to pop it out.

The bearing sits in a rubber boot, which should also be removed and cleaned of rust residue, or replaced by purchasing one from a Rexair Rainbow vacuum parts supplier.

After the rubber boot is cleaned and has fully dried, it can be replaced as shown above. It is now ready to have a new replacement bearing installed.

With the lower half of the Motor Housing removed, the upper half of the Motor Housing will appear as above.

At this point, remove the Lower Fan Spacer, and the Lower Fan Assembly. Be careful to set these items aside in the position and order in which you removed them. Doing so will aid reassembly.

With the Lower Fan Spacer and the Lower Fan Assembly removed, the next thing you will remove is the Middle Fan Spacer, and the Middle Stage of the Fan Assembly. Note the orientation of this Middle Fan Spacer as you pull it off the shaft, and which end has the flat edge (see Yellow Arrow above). The spacers should slide freely off of the motor shaft, but I have encountered instances where corrosion has caused them to be stuck. There was one instance where I was unable to remove a Fan Spacer, it was so badly stuck in place. Again, this is probably the result of storing the vacuum for extended periods with water still in the pan.

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