Replacing Sand in a Hayward inground pool Sand Filter: PAGE 4


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With the unions still securely tightened as in the prior image, secure the Vari-Flo filter valve back onto the empty tank and glue its pipe stubs to the unions, using PVC primer and PVC cement. PVC cement sets up very, very fast, so you have have to glue up the pipe fittings and then push the whole thing together very quickly.

Once the PVC cement has set up for a few minutes, un-thread the union connector collars, and remove the Vari-Flo valve assembly from the filter tank, being very careful not to move the tank out of position, as it will be very hard to get it back in the same spot once it has 300 lbs. of sand in it.

It is very important that the vertical pipe remains capped off as you add sand to the filter tank. To begin filling the tank with sand, you will first fill it two thirds of the way up to the top with water before adding any sand. This will help the sand to settle properly, and also protect the laterals from being broken by the weight of the sand. Before adding sand, center the vertical pipe, than carefully poor sand into the tank. As you add sand, it will lock the laterals in place, making it hard to adjust the vertical pipe's position without risking damage to the laterals if you try to move it. So, be sure to get it in the right position from the start, before you have added too much sand to still be able to adjust it.

Cut a corner off of each bag of sand, then pour it in slowly. Try not to pour it all in one side of the filter, but distribute it evenly. You can also reach yourhand down into the water and swish the sand around, to make it settle evenly inside the tank.

While there is still relatively little sand in the filter tank, and the tank can still be moved, it is a good idea to test fit the valve to make sure it connects properly with the union connectors. Once the tank is completely full of sand and water, it will be very difficult to adjust its position and get it into just the right spot, as the sand/water/tank will weigh more than 400 lbs.

The 300 lbs. of sand have been added to the Hayward filter tank. All that remains is to install the valve assembly and connect the threaded unions.

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