Materials List: (For Making 6' Planing Forms)
12' piece of 3/4" x 3/4" cold-rolled steel key-stock (cut into two 6' sections). NOTE: By using 7/8" or 1" key-stock, you will allow yourself to be able to make larger sized rods, since it keep the apex of the strips you are planing from hitting the shoulder bolts. 3/4" key-stock will suffice for most any trout rod, but I personally would tend to use 7/8" or 1" key-stock for its greater versatility. If you use the wider stock, you should also get correspondingly longer shoulder bolts, set screws, and dowel pins.
15 shoulder bolts: 3/8" dia. x 1" shoulder length (5/16"-18 thread)
15 set screws: 3/4" length (5/16"-18 thread)
14 steel dowel pins: 3/16" dia. x 1" long


At least 2 f-clamps or large c-clamps
12 2" c-clamps
10" mill bastard file
5/16"-18 tap bit and tap wrench
Dial caliper
Dial indicator depth gauge, gauge base, 60 contact tip
Allen wrenches
Drill press
Drill press vise
3/16" drill bit
1/4" drill bit
3/8" drill bit

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